Brass & Copper Jewellery

Brass & Copper Jewellery

Making bracelets and jewelery pieces in brass and copper, using the technique learned while studying printmaking – the Edinburgh etch. This is a non-toxic etching technique.

Check out my printmaking work, it was by making these pieces that I have developed into making brass & copper jewellery.

The bracelets made with leather are unique, there are no two the same.

All designs are done by Mariana Oliveira, either handrawn or made on the computer. Each is then adapted to the shape and size of the jewellery piece. Sacred geometry, psychedelia, natural or art deco inspired.

You can shop for these on our Manifacto Amsterdam project website.

And you can check what else is Mariana up to here.

If you want to know more about Manifacto, check out our website.