In my work I have been looking at the tension between modern life and the natural world, with a particular focus on waste disposal and recycling. I am an avid advocate for re-using and transforming discarded objects, extending their life, and giving them a new meaning.

Mariana Oliveira

The medium of printmaking enables me to explore the textures and shapes of found objects and transfer them directly into paper. Using rust to represent the process of decay, each piece evolves through disintegration, acting as an antidote to the materialism of modern industrial life. The development of my pieces is intuitive, a continuous process of exploration where the natural process of rusting is accelerated and embedded onto the paper.

Currently exploring the possibilities for living organisms using different substrates with a focus on recycling materials from our day to day. Mushrooms are natural decomposers, and are proving to be quite versatile. In exploring the properties of living mycelium, and using it as base material, I hope to research and develop ideas with a clear focus on social and environmental issues.

In February 2017 (together with my partner Izhar Rott) embarqued on a new adventure : we opened the doors to our creative hub Manifacto Amsterdam – a tattoo studio, art gallery, apparel and shop.

Since last year I began creating wearable art, jewellery that is all handmade in my atelier in Amsterdam. Bracelets made out of copper and brass with leather. 


BA (Joint HONS) Fine Arts & Museum and Gallery Studies , Aberystwth University (School of Art), Wales, UK. Graduated 2009

BTEC National Diploma in Art and Design, Witshire College (Chippenham Technical College), Chippenham, UK. Graduated 2000


14th April – 20th May 2017: Manifacto Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

December 2016: Group exhibition at WG Kunst, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

December 2015: Group exhibition at WG Kunst, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

October 2015: Open Ateliers Noord, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

October 2015: Noordwaarts 8, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

August 2015 – May 2016: Home of Art, Van Baerlesstraat 39H, Amsterdam, The Nederlands.

June – August 2015: Summer show at Francis Boeske Projects and Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

December 2014: Group exhibition at WG Kunst, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

December 2013: Group exhibition at WG Kunst, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

September 2013: Noordwaarts 7, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

August-September 2012: 6th Printmaking Biennale Douro 2012, Douro, Portugal.

December 2011: Zaal 100, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

January 2011: Selected by Prensador editions to collaborate in “A prensar, é que a gente se entende…” Collection launched in April 2011

18 – 26 August 2010: Boom Festival 2010, instalation at the Sacred Fire area, Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal.

10 – 20 June 2010: Group exhibition Guilharte, at the Palace of Lagares, Lisbon, Portugal

May 23rd – June 6th 2009: Group exhibition, Aberystwyth University, School of Art, UK

3-10 August 2006: Happydemia e Yoshi’s Spa, Boom Festival 2006, Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal.

February to November 2005: The Drop-Off, Port Talbot, UK.

October to December 2004: TheTreehouse Organic Restaurant, Aberystwyth, UK.

June 2000: Group exhibition, Chippenham Technical College, Wiltshire, UK.

Publications / others:

31 mag: Home of Art, ovvero “rust printings” in stile Amsterdam

August 2016: “Fungal & mushroom applications for a cleaner, better & healthier world” Talk that I gave at the Sacred Fire in the Boom Festival.

November 2011, Aja Waalwijk voor de Staatskrant – Roestkunst